3 Reasons a Car Won’t Start


You rely on your vehicle day in and day out to start easily in order to get you to your destination. It can be a frustrating and helpless feeling when it doesn’t start as expected. This can cost you time and money until the problem is fixed, no matter if it is your personal vehicle or one in your company’s fleet. Troubleshooting the issue may not always be straightforward but there are usually a few main culprits. Start with these to diagnose any problems related to starting.

Dead Battery

This may be the most common reason for a car not starting. Batteries Winter Garden FL can be depleted for a number of reasons. You can determine if it’s the battery by seeing if other electrical components come on when you turn the key. If it is totally dead then you can have it jumped. However, the battery may still have reached the end of its life even if has enough juice after a jump.

Malfunctioning Alternator

The alternator is responsible for providing current to power many of the electrical systems as well as recharging the battery. If it’s not performing as intended then your battery is shouldering more of the load and can completely drain – without a way to recharge.

Failing Starter

The starter motor provides the initial turn of the engine to get it firing. It is an electromechanical device that demands a large amount of power. Sometimes it doesn’t fail outright but instead, the car has a hard time turning over. When it goes completely dead there is usually one loud click if you try and turn the key.

A vehicle can struggle to start at almost any age but older ones are more susceptible. No matter how much you stay on top of maintenance parts can fail without warning at any time. Know that parts to fix the issue are readily available to get you back on the road quickly.