3 Things You Should Know About Severe Weather


When it comes to severe weather that could occur anytime, knowledge is the best preparation. Alongside checking your local weather regularly, creating a safety plan for your family and signing up for community notifications, learning more about possible types of severe weather can help. Read on to find out more about three weather events you should know.

  1. Know Tornado Watches Versus Tornado Warnings

Tornadoes, also commonly called “twisters”, are quickly rotating clouds that form from thunderstorms and extend towards the ground. It’s been estimated that every year, there are around 1,200 tornadoes in the United States, often during the springtime or early summer. To alert residents to tornadoes, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issues tornado watches and warnings, and it’s important to know the difference – a tornado watch means you should watch for possible tornadoes, while a tornado warning means one has been spotted and you should find shelter immediately.

  1. Dime-Sized Hail Can Cause Damage

Hail, or solid ice that forms in thunderstorms and often occurs in the summertime, can vary widely in size. The largest hailstone on record in the United States was almost the size of a volleyball! However, hail much smaller than that can cause damage – in fact, hail the size of a dime or a quarter can be considered severe. Personal property items like cars are particularly susceptible to damage from hail. If this happens to you, hail storm vehicle repair Denver CO can help get your car back on track.

  1. Watch Out for Flash Floods

Floods, which often happen during periods of heavy rain, melting snow or dam breakage can happen in a matter of minutes and can last weeks. Flash floods, which occur quickly, can be particularly dangerous. If you live in a high population density area, be sure to have a flood preparedness plan.

In the event of severe weather, a little groundwork can go a long way. Learning more about these three types of common weather events is a great way to stay prepared!