5 Must-Have Campervan Accessories


Traveling part-time or full-time in a campervan has become so popular (close to 150,000 on record) that campervans have been sold out due to recent demand. Whether you have purchased a van that is already kitted out, or have converted your creation, you will want certain accessories in your van to make life on the road better.

Are you building a vision board for van life, or already living as a nomad but need campervan accessories to enhance it? We are going to take a look at the top five accessories that most people can’t live without on the road and campervan tips to keep you happy.

  1. Water Filter

Though van life traveling is delightful and provides the feeling of freedom, there are plenty of things that could be improved on. The creature comforts of a “sticks and bricks” home are not missed until you are out in the middle of nowhere- for instance with weird tasting water.

One way to keep things consistent is having the same tasting water, no matter where you are. There are many different styles and sizes of water filters from personal bottles to filtration systems that hook up directly to your faucet and filter the water from your tank.

  1. Portable Lighting

Living and traveling in a van is just glorified camping, isn’t it? And, one thing you always make sure that you have with you on a camping trip is a lantern or some type of portable lighting so that you can see what you’re doing after the sun sets.

Throw your solar powered lights on your dashboard to charge throughout the day and when the time comes you can simply grab them and turn them on rather than fussing around with changing batteries

  1. Outdoor Eating Area

At best your van might give you 80 or 90 sq ft of living space. For this reason, many van lifers live indoor/outdoor lives, especially if they are traveling with a partner or children.

Expand your living space with an outdoor eating area consisting of collapsable chairs and a table. A dining set that you can easily stow away can serve as not only a place to enjoy the great outdoors during meal time but you can also play games there, use it as a workspace, or just sit and have tea while you read a book.

  1. Hammock or Chair Swing

Adding to the playful, and relaxing vibe of van life, a hammock or chair swing that you can hang inside of your rig enhances any layout. Just picture it, you pull up to a new destination whether it be a national park, a concert, or a beach and you hang your hammock up sit down and have your morning coffee while taking in the view.

You can use “S” hooks to hang your hammock on the door frame which is most likely the most sturdy option, check out recvan.com for possible options of where to hang yours. If this isn’t possible you can always tie it up between two trees next to your van.

  1. Movie Projectors – Must-Have Campervan Accessories

This one is purely for entertainment purposes and makes the benefits of campervan living all that more exciting.

Even the lower-priced movie projectors are decent and worth the investment. When you are out in the wilderness you can grab a cool glass of filtered water, your portable lamp, set up your outdoor dining area or hammock, and just enjoy a movie projected onto the side of your van!

Home Sweet Home On Wheels

Vanlife is what you make it, and when you have the best campervan accessories you can create your own ideal life. After you are done making your online shopping cart, come check out some of our other posts.