5 Ways To Protect and Maintain Your Car’s Interior


Cars are a major investment. With all of the money spent in the monthly payment, you likely want to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, getting the most out of it and hopefully improving potential resale value. The following are five ways to keep your seats and floor looking in tip-top shape.

Change Out Shoes

Mud, dirt and sand stick to shoes and then rub into the floor mats when entering a car. If you spend a great deal of time outdoors, the grime could take its toll, leading to stains and fading. Instead, keep a clean pair of shoes in the trunk. Pop off the dirty shoes and put them in a bag in the trunk. Wear the clean ones while driving.

Tint the Windows

The sun’s UV rays shine through the windows, hitting the cushions and dashboards. Over time, this intensity could impact the shade of your interior, depleting color. Find a location that specializes in automotive window tinting Denham Springs LA, and darken the windows. The darker windows keep out the sunlight, offering an additional layer of protection.

Avoid Food and Drink

Drinking and eating in the car is tempting, especially on busy days. But these acts often lead to crumbs and stains (some that are especially hard to get out). Stick with water in the car and save the snacking for another time.

Use Professional Detailers

Hire professionals to detail the car at least once or twice a year. A good thorough wash, vacuum and scrub may alleviate any problems or messiness.

Buy Protective Seat Mats

If you have children, they can easily disturb the interior. Place protective mats on their seats. These rubber pieces fit nicely under car seats, catching anything that may spillover. While not flawless, it is a safeguard from stains and crumbs.

For a cleaner inside, be proactive, creating rules about eating and drinking in the car. In addition, consider window tinting and mats to supply additional protections from fading and stains. Choices made now could mean your interior lasts longer.