All About Perth Towbars Types

All About Perth Towbars Types

This article will describe to you the explanation of the several different types of Perth towbars available. Also, it explains the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Flange Towbars

Various flange bar versions feature four bolts instead of two. It is the most flexible bar style since it may be used with tow ball mounted attachments like cycle carriers, bumper guards, and all forms of stabilisers, all placed between the tow bar and ball. The flange tow hitch is not detachable.


  1. It is well-suited with a vast range of automobiles.
  2. Allows for the selection of towbar balls.
  3. Drop plates can be used to adjust the height of the bar.
  4. They are the most cost-effective form of a bar.


  1. When gazing at the car, both the tow bar and the electrics are visible.
  2. Various forms of towbars can be costly.

Swan Neck Towbars


  • It is well-suited with a variety of automobiles.
  • Alko stabilisers are compatible with it.
  • This style of towbar appears professional and discreet.
  • A reasonably priced tow bar that is somewhat more expensive than the flange.


  • The tow ball height cannot be changed.
  • No alternative towbars may be installed.
  • Costs somewhat more than a flange kind.
  • Swan neck towbars are visible, as opposed to removable towbars.

Detachable Towbars

When attached to a vehicle, a Detachable towbar resembles a Swan’s neck. However, the beauty of this sort of bar is that the neck easily unclips when not in use, exposing little or no of the tow bar.

Witter Towbar Systems provide Quantum Vertical and Quantum Horizontal towbar. They are called this because of how they are placed.


  1. Almost invisible, and in certain circumstances completely hidden, while it is not in use
  2. It is already suited with a massive range of automobiles.
  3. As the popularity of this sort of towbar grows, more and more cars will be equipped with it.
  4. They have a particular towbar designed for them.


  1. The tow ball height cannot be changed.
  2. No alternative towbars may be installed.
  3. Expensive compared to a flange and swan neck towbar.

Towbar with Electric Swivel

Westfalia’s newest type of bar is the motorised swivelling trailer towbar system. The towbar will come from beneath the car at the push of a button. So you’re now ready to tow! The motorised swivelling towbar is the market leader in the tow bar business.

Vertical Detachable Tow Bars

The automated removable towbar is virtually undetectable. The tow ball neck may be easily removed and fitted with this style of towbar. The towbar’s neck is placed vertically into the real towbar attached to the car. A lock and key have been installed to prevent theft or unauthorised removal of the towbar neck.

Horizontal Detachable Tow Bars

The automated detachable towbar, like the one above, is undetectable. The sole distinction between vertical and horizontal detachable towbars is the direction in which the towbar neck is placed into the towbar connected to the vehicle.

Compact Detachable Tow Bars

This Westfalia towbar is a smaller and less expensive variant of the vertical/horizontal detachable towbar kinds. The neck of this sort of towbar fits horizontally into the towbar attached to the car, and like other Westfalia goods, it is fastened with a lock and eye.

Tow Bar with Detachable Pin System

This style of towbar is comparable to the removable towbars. However, unlike other towbars, the pin system towbar’s neck is placed horizontally into the fitting section of the towbar. Instead, it is kept in place by a pin, which is held in place by a leg spring.

Universal HGV Tow Bars

Westfalia Towing Brackets are designed for cars weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. The advantage of this towbar type is that it is entirely adjustable in terms of width and height. This sort of Perth towbars are suitable for automobiles that do not have a conventional kind of tow bar.