Anointing The Car – An Auspicious Ritual To Bless The Car


Any coin has two sides; likewise, the world is filled with positive and negative energy. Some believe that positive energy brings good luck, prosperity, health, and happiness, while negative energy reverses it. In this article, we are going to discuss anointing a car – The ritual to bless new car (เจิม รถ, which is the term in Thai).

Purpose Of Anointing

The anointment of any car is done to restore the positivity within the vehicle resulting in keeping the risks and harm away from the car and the driver.

It is like a way to respect the car and welcome it with good thoughts. The belief is that after anointing, the vehicle will remain safe for longer life and bring prosperity to the family that owns the car.

Pro Tip: The car anointing won’t protect the car or the driver if traffic rules aren’t followed or it’s a drink-n-drive situation.

Let’s look at the steps involved in anointing a car.

Steps For Anointing The Car

  1. Invite Monks:You can anoint the car on your own also. But if you want to have it done grandly, you may invite a monk from the nearest temple by informing them in advance.
  2. Choose An Auspicious Time:Choose a good day and time as per your belief to strengthen your positive attitude.
  3. Keep everything ready beforehand: Keep all the things required for the anointment, including offerings and equipment, well before the event.
  4. Wash The Car:Ensure the motorcar is washed and cleaned at the interior, irrespective of a second-hand or brand new car.
  5. Anointing:The monk anoints the vehicle with the mixture of chalk powder and baking water and pastes the gold leaf at an appropriate place.
  6. Worshipping Sacred Things In The Car:After the anointing, the heavenly things are worshipped.
  7. Holy Water Sprinkling:Then holy water is sprinkled all over the vehicle. The invited monk may sprinkle the sacred water by fully circling the car.
  8. Honking 3 Times:It is believed to honk three times to respect the holy elements.
  9. End Of Ceremony: In the end, the owner is requested to sit in the car along with any respected individual. The ritual of blessing a new vehicle is completed now.


Human psychology is very complex; therefore, humans tend to do several things to keep themselves safe and secure. One of these things is the anointment of a car or the ritual to bless a new vehicle, ensuring keeping the ill fate and negativity far away. The anointment of car procedure helps to prevail a sense of safety and security for the car and car owners.