Best Gadgets in Different Categories


One of the most prominent features of time is that it flies and it does very fast. It seems like every time we blink there is a new innovative gadget in the market that everyone is raving about. In addition, there are so many amazing and interesting devices that we never learn about as they drown in the sea of new releases. It is hard to capture the attention and interest of people for a long period of time nowadays. That’s why we are about to present you a list of gadgets that will impress everyone. So let’s get started!

Laptop: Dell XPS 13

The first computers took up rooms and were able to execute a very limited number of tasks, however, nowadays you can play games, watch movies, learn, work, listen to music and do much much more on just a small device that you can keep in your hand.

Dell XPS 13 is certainly a laptop that can do everything you want and more, while simultaneously being lightweight and compact. The laptop has a beautiful design, a great-working 4K display and is undeniably one of the best Windows ultraportable laptops.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Smartphones have taken over our lives in the last decade and, as the decade is already a part of the past, speaking about the best Android phone, the choice definitely stays on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The display of the new Samsung phone is bright and very well-built as always. The battery life is the longest of the brand and the phone easily goes throughout the day having around 10-30 percent of the battery left by the end. The Galaxy S10 has three cameras and as expected the colors are very bright. Essentially, if you want the best phone in the market currently, go and get the S10 and you won’t be disappointed.

Car Gadget: EyeLights Heads Up Display

Cars are very convenient and in the past years, they have also advanced to become very safe. Yet, there are still ways in which we can improve both the safety and the comfort of our vehicles. A Head Up Display (HUD) is essentially a device that shows data in the field of view of the driver and the EyeLights HUD gadget is the best one of them.

This car HUD, aside from showing important information from the dashboard, also gets connected to your phone to display phone calls, GPS applications, messages as well as your music. So if you want to improve your experience as a driver, increase security or just buy someone an awesome gift, the EyeLights HUD is all you need.

House Gadget: Amazon Echo (3rd Generation)

A concept like a smart house would sound extremely far fetched only 40 years ago, however, now smart house devices are extremely common. If you want to be able to control your smart home easily the new Amazon Echo device is made just for you. With this gadget, you can voice control your smart house, music and can access different corners of the house so you’ll be able to communicate with someone in a different room. In addition, Amazon Echo has several layers designed to protect your privacy!

So this is a roundup of best gadgets in different categories. Tell us which one you are most interested in and what other gadgets you enjoy using!