Car Detailing Trends Every Car Owner Ought To Know


The car detailing industry has undergone rapid changes in the past few years. The trends, both in terms of technology and customer preferences, have shaped the way car wash business provide services to clients. They have enabled firms to offer clients fast, affordable, and first-class quality car detailing services.

And since research shows that most car owners (about 50%), go for car detailing services, it is essential to inform car owners of the latest trends in order to take advantage of them.  So, here are 5 current car detailing trends every car owner ought to know.

  1. Sonar Technology

The use of sonar technology in car detailing has helped reduce water wastage and chemicals used. This special technology is usually fitted to the washing machine to detect the type of vehicle being washed. Since the kind of wash differs with the size of a vehicle, the technology automatically adjusts to the right type of wash after sensing your vehicle type.

The introduction of this new technology has helped car owners to save on money by reducing water usage. It has also improved the quality of wash by ensuring the right amount of chemicals is used during car detailing.

  1. Introduction of Membership Programs

While membership programs have been a common trend in the wellness industry like in gyms, the car washing business has started embracing the trend to reward their loyal customers.

By enrolling for Monthly membership programs, you get a chance to enjoy discounts. Some car detailing businesses even offer free detailing services as a gift to loyal clients who subscribe to their membership programs.

  1. Use of Automatic Car Wash Machines

This is for the car owners who are looking for fast car detailing services. The use of car washing machines reduces human involvement which means there is a reduction in operation time. This is because while human labor can have a processing time of 4 to 8 cars per hour, automatic machines can wash up to 40 vehicles in an hour.

The service provided by automated machines is also more precise and efficient. For the most part, the services of computerized machines are impressive compared to hand washing.

  1. In-bay Automatic Wash Conversion

The tunnel system is fast taking over the market.  Most car wash businesses are converting their in-bay automatic facilities to conveyorized tunnel washes.  The conversion is carried out by removing the floor of the facility and installing new equipment.

Besides increasing the speed of wash, the tunnel system provides quality washes. There is also a reduced threat of vehicle damage as compared to detailing using the in-bay automatic wash method.

  1. Revival of Interior Detailing

Due to the demand for cleaner interiors, businesses are moving from the free vacuums to offer expanded services for interior cleaning. The free vacs are considered to be a less effective option for interior car detailing. As such, more car detailing businesses are now investing in new flex models to offer fast interior cleaning services.

The car washing industry is going through a period of rapid transition. Therefore, you will continue seeing the trends above and many more. So keep checking for the latest car detailing trends so you can enjoy quality auto detailing services.