Find out how to take care of your forklift battery.


Perfect maintenance of industrial forklift batteries is very necessary. It’s because it makes sure that your warehouse operations are consistently running smoothly. If it’s a lift truck battery down, it signifies that maybe one of the forklifts us down and later so is the productivity. But there are some maintenance steps for your forklift battery which will somehow increase the life of the battery. 

These tips are applicable to most of the batteries.

The life of the battery only extends if you take proper care and water it regularly. Here below are some tips with which you can take proper care of forklift battery as follows;

1)The battery should always be clean, dry, and free from corrosion

2)There should be a correct water level like almost one-half inch below the battery cap opening.

3)Once the charge cycle is complete then only add water.

4)Set up a weekly or bi-monthly watering schedule to ensure proper water levels

5)Never have an opportunity charging as you keep it for charging during break times and lunch breaks. Its because every time you connect the battery to a charger, it would use one of its life cycles.

6)Check your battery if it has any defects or malfunction and has your service provider repair them as needed.

7) To get rid of control acid and corrosion always wash and service your batteries semi-annually.

Along with this, the most important part is the proper handling of the forklift battery. Which can be discussed in detail below.

Proper Handling

Forklift batteries are firstly very heavy and dangerous if not handled properly. It is very important to be known as what’s the correct way to handle them. Use the tips below for some ideas as to how to handle forklift batteries properly:

  • To maneuver the battery you should use a walkie pallet jack which is equipped with transfer carriage. It is because the forklift battery is very heavy to lift, thus no single person should attempt to move a forklift battery alone. When moving the batteries, steel toe shoes must be worn.
  • There should be a quick and nearby hand or eyewash station. This is because any hazardous liquid from the battery can come in contact with your hands or eyes, thus if there is a nearby hand or eyewash station you can remove it as soon as possible.
  • When maneuvering batteries, chemical resistant protective gear must be worn. Even if you have a nearby hand or eyewash station is good, but chemical-resistant gear should also be worn to keep the need for the station at bay. This includes safety glasses and gloves.
  • When handling or jewelry remove all metallic jewelry.

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