Five Tips To Help Make Moving Easier


 Moving to a new home is said to be one of the most stressful changes a person can go through, for a good reason. The challenge to find a new home, pay for it, and then pack your belongings together to move is a lot of stress to deal with. To make things easier, use furniture truck hire. Here are some more tips to make the process as streamlined as possible.

  1.   Gather Packing Materials

What do you need when you’re moving? Once you’ve secured a furniture truck rental, you have to find packing materials. You’ll need boxes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, tape, rope and blankets for delicate items. You can buy or rent these items, but don’t shy away from getting boxes for free. Many supermarkets receive their stock in cardboard boxes and are happy to give as many away as possible. When you begin packing, you should have a marker available to label each box.

  1.   Start The Packing Process

Sometimes, the process of packing up your home can seem overwhelming; you might not even know where to begin. To make this easier, start sorting. Sell, donate, recycle or throw away as much as you can that you haven’t used in a while. As you do this, you’ll find yourself sorting items from each room, ready to be packed.

Here are a few more packing tips that you’ll find helpful:

  • Don’t leave your packing to the last minute. Start ahead of time, so that the last items you pack are the things you used the evening before and the morning of moving day.
  • Label boxes according to what you’ll need the soonest, such as kitchen items and toiletries.
  • Have more packing tape than you think you’ll need because it can be used to seal your boxes and reinforce them. You don’t want to run out!
  • Use extra padding for delicate items, and make sure that you label these boxes as fragile.
  • Label each box with the room the contents will belong in, such as “kitchen”, “study” and “bedroom.” This prevents confusion on moving day, and when you start unpacking.
  • Don’t overpack your boxes. Make sure that they are a manageable weight, or you’ll hurt yourself or damage the contents.
  • Don’t pile boxes around the front door of your new home. You’ll be left with another mountain to move when you’re exhausted from moving. Put them in the rooms they belong to.
  1.   Hire The Furniture Truck In Advance

The last thing you need is to be without a furniture truck on the day that you need it most. When looking at models of furniture trucks, book and pay for your vehicle in advance, so that nothing unfortunate happens on the day. If you leave it too late, you might find that your rental company of choice has booked out all moving trucks on the day, and you’ll have to make do with a trailer. Booking it in advance also allows you to plan the move, even down to how many trips you’ll need, and how much petrol to budget for.

  1.   Use Up Everything In Your Freezer

Fridges and freezers are one of the last things that most people think about when they’re moving. They remember to allocate space for them in the truck; however, not what’s inside them. What are you going to do with all the frozen meat and the fresh food in the fridge? When these appliances have been moved, you need to let them sit for a few hours before you switch them on so that the coolants inside can settle. You don’t want your food to go bad, so use up as much of it as you can before the move.

  1.   Redirect Mail And Other Services

Another item on the checklist which most forget about until they’re settled in is their mail and other household services on their name. Before you move, you need to ensure that your bank, utility companies and other providers – such as for the telephone, internet and television – are notified in advance. Provide your new address, and the date you’re moving.


These tips should help you get over the feelings of being overwhelmed with moving to a new home. However, the very first thing you should do is book your furniture truck hire, so that you have time to change the rental agreement if the moving day changes, or if the company drops you. Use these tips for hiring a certified Morgantown movers, for a streamlined moving process, and moving day will go without a hitch..