Four e-commerce businesses that should have existed earlier


The concept of trade and business was developed on Earth shortly after the advent of humankind, at least that we know for sure from the remains of previous civilizations and books the historians left behind. Whatsoever we are not going to dive into Silurian hypothesis, discuss ancient civilization, or drift back into the sands of time rather stay in our present era and compare the late 19th century with the 20th century, thus contemplating about four e-commerce businesses that we think should have existed earlier. So, relax this article isn’t a history class but somewhat a fun roller coaster of ‘what if.’

In terms of major advancements and changes that happened in 20th-century, e-commerce has been one of the biggest advancements. Ecommerce absolutely revolutionized the prospect of business and its relative key aspects such as marketing, lifestyle, versatility, and reach of products, affordability, time management, and for the best part, customer convenience. However, the ones who lived their joyous days of life in the ’90s won’t feel the same way as we do about some perks of life that e-commerce brought.

The ones who lived their peak years in the late ’90s and early 2000 would have loved to see these businesses transform into the framework of e-commerce a lot earlier than they actually did transform. Alas, we can’t roll back time and do as we wish, however, we can presume the existence of these businesses a lot earlier in time and analyze the reasoning behind why we think they should have existed earlier.

4 Ecommerce business that we think should have existed earlier

Here are four types of businesses that should have transformed into the framework of e-commerce a lot earlier than they did and the reasoning behind it:

Tyre business

Tyres have been in the spotlight since the start of the 19th century and became quite a celebrity in the times of industrial revolution, yet they weren’t available to everyone due to lake of information about them and their selling outlets. Unlike 19th century nowadays tyres and all of the information related to them is available at the distance of one click via online tyre stores such as:

  • and numerous others all around the globe

Another perk of tyre business transforming into the world of e-commerce is the roadside assistance; thus, the luxury of ordering tyres whenever and wherever required -irrespective of the location and time. This convenience made transportation a lot easier and vehicles as a whole less risky and more trustworthy in contrast to the 19th century.

Flower business

It’s true that people in ancient times or let’s say till the mid ‘19s were more connected than now and had precious harmony among them. However, the present technologically advanced era has its own ways to spread happiness and connect with others at a more emotional level -even our ancestors would have had wished for them to have existed earlier.

One of the most amazing ways to spread happiness in the present-day is via Bloomon, Cornishblooms, and many other flower providers throughout the world. For instance, Bloomon is a website through which anyone living in the UK can schedule home delivery of amazing flowers even at night. This service is a great way you can spread happiness and make someone feel special by just a click.

Books business

From the start of time, knowledge has been a key to the salvation of humanity. Sadly, in the past, knowledge was accessible to only the wealthiest and powerful, which in turn slowed down the evolution of human civilization and prompted some of the worst outcomes in history. However, this modern era has changed everything with e-books, e-universities, and online portals such as Bookdepository, Alibris,,, and numerous others.

Now, knowledge is not just controlled by a handful of people; rather, it is accessible to the whole of humanity. We wish that this has existed a lot earlier than it did because knowledge should be boundless.

General retail business

We all admire and value the kind of convenience Amazon, eBay, and numerous other e-commerce stores provide us; they even deliver groceries within the comfort of our home. However, it wasn’t like that always. In the past, people had to wait for months to find a certain piece of equipment with word of mouth and then wait another couple of months for the item to be delivered; thus, life wasn’t that convenient before.


The birth of e-commerce is the single most amazing thing that happened to humanity; in fact, e-commerce placed the growth of human civilization on a lightning-fast track with unlimited opportunities.

We have lounged for the above e-commerce business to have existed earlier. However, that’s not important now. The important thing now is how we can use the perks of technology such as e-commerce to benefit the human race and lend a hand towards making someone’s life easy because, in the end, it’s all about helping people out and spreading happiness.