Greater Limits for the best car Finance Now


Buying a new car is a significant financial outlay, especially if it is expensive cars , so paying in installments is a fairly common option among consumers. For this, car brands have their own financial institutions that offer loans to facilitate the purchase of their models, which helps them increase the number of sales.

At first glance, it seems like a pretty interesting option for those who have a car and can’t afford to pay cash. However, we are going to give you some tips so that financing is really a way to save and make it easier for you to buy a car, and not a way to save money a priori, but in the long run it will be more expensive. The use of the alternative car finance is perfect there now.

Tips for financing a car

Before choosing the financing option for your new car , it is important to consider the following 10 steps to follow:

Establish a budget:

Before launching to compare financing options, make calculations on the money you have now and the payment you can assume monthly and set a maximum limit. This will help you more or less know which cars you can afford and which you cannot. Check our list of most reliable cheap cars. Normally, financing plans already appear on the websites of car brands, so this can also give you an idea of ​​what type of cars you can buy and what not.

Know the financing options : to finance your new car, you can opt for the financing plan offered by the dealer’s financial institution, or through the bank directly. The most common thing is to do it with the dealer’s financial directly, since it is more comfortable and faster and the negotiation is easier. For the proper car loan it is an important role.

Financing a car is easier than you think

Know the interest rates of the loans : before choosing a loan, you must be clear that there are different interest rates, although the most common is the fixed interest rate , that is, the one for which you will have to pay the same interest in all monthly payments.

Use a loan simulator:

Use a loan simulator to find out what the monthly payment will be , for how long, depending on the initial payment and the interest rate.

Know the requirements for the loan : before requesting a loan, you must know if you meet the requirements to be granted. The financial company will evaluate the buyer’s ability to face the repayment of the credit, which must be over 18 years old and not appear in the defaulters file.

In addition, each financier may have its own requirements. To know if you meet these requirements, you must provide a series of documents that we list in the next point.

Gather the necessary documentation to request the loan : for the loan request, as a general rule you must present the original ID and photocopy, the last income statement, photocopy of the last payroll, work history and simple notes of real estate.

Calculate other expenses: you should bear in mind that the purchase of a car involves other additional expenses, such as the Registration or Traffic Tax.

Know the conditions of the loan contract:

Before reaching a financing agreement, read the conditions of the loan contract carefully, to avoid possible future scares. Above all, you must be clear about the nominal interest rate, the opening commission and the total commission.