How Birmingham Airport Taxi Service Can Help Avoid Taxi Scams


If you’re a foreigner in a place you haven’t visited before and don’t have adequate knowledge on, chances are taxi scammers can single you out based on their experience and use this opportunity to lure you into their scams.

Now, what you can do to avoid these common taxi scams is to research thoroughly and book a professional and reliable Birmingham airport taxi service to guarantee that these scammers don’t take advantage of you.

Peculiar Looking Taxis Are a No-Go:

This is one of the first signs that the taxi service you’re getting in is a scam, they look unusual. Taxis in a specific city are likely to look similar appearance wise. Even if different taxi services go for designs and additions in their exterior presentation, the basicstend to be similar to other taxis. For more take a look here::

For example if the taxis of a specific city are yellow or black, you’re going to find every taxi service uses yellow or black cabs. If a taxi is unusually different and does not have common similarities then you’re in for a scam since scammers aren’t in a proper licensed taxi service and they just use any vehicle and portray it as a taxi.

Checking Information:

Another tip to avoid taxi scams is to check the information and details of the taxi service you’re about to travel in. This could go two ways; if you’ve booked a taxi service ahead of time than recheck the number plate when you’re getting in the taxi and for additional security, ask the driver the name of the passenger they’re there to pick. For more visit here.

In another situation where you’re booking a taxi on spot what you can do is ask the driver for their respective taxi service and quickly google the company to check if they have an eligible site, look trustworthy and are renowned as a proper Birmingham airport taxi service.

Know Your Routes:

A more popularized method among taxi scammers is to trick the passenger and make him/her think that they’re taking a shorter or less trafficked route. In this condition, you’re not only in for a major scam but you’re also putting your own personal life at risk. Hence, you should have a real time GPS and navigator with you while you travel if you’re not accustomed to the routes of that city. And NEVER hesitate in questioning a taxi driver if you think they’re not taking the right route and if possible get off from this taxi.

Avoid Big Currency:

The most basic tip to avoid scams is to take precautionary steps yourself. If you’re handing your taxi driver a big currency note, a scammer can take advantage of this chance and deny having change or in some cases even run away with the money. It is up to you to avoid this situation, if you know you’re about to take a cab for a ride always keep change with you that you can get from local markets or banks in advance,  to pay the driver instead of carrying around big notes that could put you under risk.

Check Your Door Handles:

Once again, this is more for your personal safety as much as to avoid scammers. Always learn to check the door handles before you get in a taxi both for if their handles are properly functional as well as if there are any child locks on either sides of the backseat doors to avoid getting stuck with a scammer. If you face any of these problems opt for another ride instead and avoid this taxi altogether.

Check the Meter:

Checking the distance meter is another step to avoid taxi scammers and ensure you’re booking a professional Birmingham airport taxi service. A taxi’s meter; under a properly licensed taxi service company, itself shows the long distances the taxi has covered. A vehicle that does not have adequate distance on the meter shows that it is not actually a taxi service but only a scam.

The best way to avoid these taxi service scams is to make sure you have a properly licensed Birmingham airport taxi service to help pick you up from the airport and safely drop you off at your destination.