How factory service manuals can save you thousands in car repairs


An individual doesn’t need to know all the complex and intricate details of a car or how it operates. A vague idea as to how things work or what they are can help save quite a lot of money and mental peace. One can achieve that after thoroughly reading car factory service manuals. These manuals help cut down costs in more than one way.

The first and most obvious way is that you won’t need to run to a mechanic, or anyone for that matter when a minor inconvenience takes place. There are a variety of manuals on a myriad of repair and maintenance tasks, all you’ll have to do is follow the steps as they are written and trust that they’ll help you achieve your aim. An individual without a factory service manual will often run to a mechanic for the smallest of inconvenience. Small maintenance jobs like changing the air filter, replacing windshield wipers, checking battery connection, replacing headlights, installing brake pads, fixing the fuel gauge filter, etc. are tasks that can be performed within the confines of our garage, and doing so helps cut down additional costs. 

For instance, replacing the fuel filter at a mechanics shop can cost you around $50, whereas the fuel filter itself costs around $15. With the help of the service manual, you’ll only have to pay $15 for the filer and the manual is enough to assist you with the rest of the process. Hence saving a great deal of money. Similarly, getting your car’s brake pads changes will cost you around $100 at a mechanics shop. Whereas changing them on your own with the help of a car workshop service manual will reduce the cost to just $40, which is less than half of what a mechanic will charge. Changing fuel filters cost $20 with the help of a factory service manual but getting them changes with the help a professional raises the cost to more than double i.e. $50. These costs might not sound daunting when discussed individually, but an annual estimate of all of these costs combined will depict the huge difference in costs. You will observe that using a factory manual and opting for DIY car repair and maintenance methods will help you save hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Furthermore, some inherently greedy mechanics tend to charge their clients more than the average market costs. They usually do so when they’re certain that their client is clueless in terms of costs and the repair/maintenance procedure. Some mechanics add duplicate labor charges because of the same reason. An individual who has some knowledge or someone who has done these jobs on their own with the help of a manual is most likely to catch any potential scammer. Thus, saving money. In a nutshell, a factory service manual helps an individual not just in terms of knowledge but also in terms of costs. Opting to perform repair and maintenance jobs with a repair manual sounds like an ideal choice for individuals with a budget constraint or those looking to save money.