How to Make Your Car Paint Shine like New


Car paint is the skin of a car that resembles the originality of that car. There are wide ranges of car paints that are used as optional to resemble your significance by using different car paint. Several factors in the environment that can spoil or damage your car paint which can lead to fading of colour and also making natural scratches which makes your car paint look awful. To avoid it happening you should maintain your car paint periodically to make your car paint shine like new always. To do that there are some car valet companies which consists of many professionals who can take care of your car paint and make your car paint shine like new. The methods they use are very persuasive and professional that will make sure to retain back your car’s originality.

Examine and Determine Materials

At first, the professionals will check for the quality roughness of the paint surface. The quality roughness of the paint surface will determine quantity substance (clay) to be used for clearing the rough surface to a glossy and polished look. Before undergoing any process, the car thoroughly washed and dried. Then the repair of the paint begins. They use different type’s material to give shininess for your car paint. The material which first is used is the OG clay bar which is mined into paddy (apply bar).

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The OG clay is usually rubbed along the surface of paint by using three or two fingers. The OG clay is kneaded along the surface with some use of lubricants. The lubricants can ensure the safety of the paint colour and make the clay to rub off the contaminants easily. Hence first, the grease is sprayed on the surface of the car paint forth and back in a straight line and then with a decent amount of pressure the paddy is rubbed along lubricant slowly and thoroughly. Then the applied surface is wiped off by using microfiber in a single direction until it gives a glossy surface finish. Then the surface is ready to go for polishing.


The polishing is done by using a standard buffer machine, glaze or sealant or wax. A buffer machine is a machine that has a rotating head at the top which is used to fix buffing pad and medium-sized rigid hand with quick on/off switch. Glaze or wax is a polishing substance that can bring out the shininess of the paint. At first, the buffing wheel is fixed with the buffer machine. Then the buffing wheel is dipped into the glaze in the required amount. Then they make some drop points on the surface for even spreading purpose. Then by using the buffer machine, they will apply the glaze evenly by running it through the drop points. Then they will polish it consistently until it gives a shiny and glossy look. When the enamel becomes dry, then car paint will be the ultimate bright and polished look.