How to Remove a Stuck Oil Filter


It’s time to change the oil filter, and you’ve taken out from your precious time to dedicate it to your car engine. But it won’t allow you, it is adamantly stuck. If you’re right now in that merciless situation, do not fret, this article will help you take it out without much perspiration. We have gathered some useful tips from the mechanics of the Adelanto oil change service, who not only guided us with a step-by-step process, but also explained us what can lead to this situation, so that we can be careful henceforth.

What Made it Get Stuck

It is not very difficult to assume why your engine oil filter got stuck. The one who changed it last time must not have followed the basic rules of installation carefully, which says that during the oil filter change, one should the oil the gasket well and make sure not to over-tighten.

Removing the Stuck Oil Filter

To remove a stuck oil filter, you need to follow certain methods that will serve the purpose without damaging the body of the filter. The thumb rule of the entire process is not to apply any brute force but strategically squeeze it out. It is important to know that by applying too hard pressure on the filter will nevertheless damage it, furthermore, creating a mess and weakening the important leverage points. Like any other screwing system it is the counterclockwise motion that will loosen the oil filter.

Tools You’ll Need

To loosen the stuck oil filter, you need to gather certain tools, that would be lying around your house, or in your car toolkit. Check them out here, as well as their utilities.

Engine, Band, Jaw and Chain Wrenches

These wrenches come with a special design that will help you hold the parts of oil filter with ease. Your owner’s manual can also help you in using one. These are specific wrenches ideally crafted to match the circumference of the respective parts.  These wrenches will help you get a better grip even to the bottom of the filter and can be clamped down harder at multiple points of contact.

Oil Wrench Pliers

These pliers will make the task easier for you as they are pretty adjustable.

Cave Meaning

This is a process that will surely need some of your brute force but not extreme to take out the stuck oil filter. But it can cause some knuckle damage, so better use a pair of thick gloves to protect your hands. This process is nothing but driving a screwdriver down the body of the oil filter and spin it off in the same way. However, it is not a processthat will keep the oil filter intact but rip it apart. At the same time it will expose the ring of holes that are usually found around the top of the filter where you can use a chisel and hammer to pull it off with force.

If all that feels cumbersome and you’re afraid of the mess it can create, it is always recommendable to take your car to any reliable place like the oil change service near Adelanto.