Requirements To Import A Car Into Your Country


While it was extremely simple to import a car across the border a few decades ago, there are quite a lot of laws and regulations these days that you will have to follow in order to do something that you could have done without any paperwork or planning back in the old days. Even if the procedure might seem a bit complicated, there is no need to be afraid, as you will easily succeed if you follow these steps.

Find a company to help you with shipping

If you are considering to import a car from a different country, or more commonly a different continent, you will definitely need a hand when it comes to organization of shipping. If you happen to be importing a vehicle into Australia, then checking out someone like is highly suggested, as they have been in this business for years.

Naturally, it is possible to do it without anyone’s help, however, that will require you to do even more research than you already need to, and if you happen to mess something up in the paperwork, the whole importing process can take much longer than it actually has to.

A good company will clean and ship the vehicles safely

The research

It is very important to check out a couple of things about your desired vehicle before you actually ask for the help with shipping or anything like that. The most important thing when it comes to research is to check out if the car is eligible at all for the import, as there are always vehicles in certain countries that happened to be completely banned.

Another thing you might want to consider is the age of the vehicle you are trying to import, because similar to the car model, age can also completely restrict the car from being imported into the country, due to pollution and safety reasons.

You may also want to ask around what other documents you may require in order to apply for an importing permit, and of course, the documents that will prove that the car you are importing is rightfully under your ownership.

The cost

When it comes to the cost of shipping car from Australia to New Zealand according to Dazmac Logistics, it all depends on the type of vehicle that you are trying to import, the shipping company that you are using, if you are getting the vehicle cleaned from asbestos before quarantine control, and all other things like that.

Avoid luxury cars if you are on a low budget

Final Word

If you get help from a highly reputable company that has been doing vehicle importing for years, you are definitely going to have a much easier time to import your car. Again, you will have to do some research before you ask for help, however, once you know which car you would like to import, and what services you would have to go through, as well as the cost of fees, the company can do the importing with ease.