Sporty Moves of Genesis Found in the 2020 GV80 Model Series


The GV80 models play an incredibly important role in the portfolio of Genesis, as it is the first luxury SUV from the automaker that reportedly packs everything that is expected from the segment it belongs to.Even the first impressions that the 2020 Genesis GV80 creates in the minds of the passerby lingers for some time especially because of the exclusiveness it displays. On the showroom floor of the Corona Genesis dealership, we heard an expert saying that it is the 2020 lineup of Genesis GV80 models that could finally match their lofty brand aspirations.

Creating the Benchmark

It is also said and widely discussed among the car critics that it is through the 2020 model of GV80 models, that Genesis made its new benchmark in the segment of luxury large SUVs. It comes with the roomiest cabin in the segment, with some envious engine option that can carry out all the tasks of hauling five-to seven people along with as much personal belongings they can pack.

Mindful Interior Components

Genesis continues to express its sporty spirit even inside each of the 2020 GV80 trim models. Among them, while some are more aimed at aiding the driver with all handy features like blind spot monitors and the like, the higher trims go creating a dream like ambience with the help of novel interior feature like the ‘mood sound’ and ‘mood lighting’ and other technology stuff like the intercom to communicate among the first-to-third-row passengers, to keep things at control without turning back or yelling at each other.

Head Turning Style

Carrying the hereditary qualities of Genesis, all the 2020 GV80 models are worth winning the show with their bold styling that will compel every head to turn around. It is for the sheer visual appeal and energy vibe that this flagship model of Genesis can be cited as the best example of how a premium luxury SUV should look like. The 2020 Genesis GV80 models beam in full gloss, satin finish bodies that perfectly match the brawny styled crease-heavy side bodylines.

Even from a distance, the 2020 Genesis GV80 appears with its ruling yet sporty personality that reminds you a little bit of Bentley and also few models of Volvo. But where it stands out even from these class leading brands is through its adventurous styling cues that are implemented by the automaker with a sheer confidence in aesthetic sense. The sporty spirit of Genesis shows up in every design aspect of the GV80 models, particularly if you dress it up with the top-spec packages, commented the Genesis Corona staff members.

The ride height makes it look king size riding on large 22-inch wheels. The front grille holding the  new signature of Genesis looks gorgeous with the pairs of newfound Quad Lamp LED lighting. The long bonnet with triangular D-pillars sets the standard for the current generation on how to maintain an excellent outward visibility even from the third row, and the rear end with its dramatic tapered tail waves at you with a sporty wink.