The best options for disabled transport across Bristol, UK


Bristol is one of the leading destinations you can visit and tour, thanks to its dynamic nature and rich cultural heritage. Disability shouldn’t hinder you from visiting different destinations. Below are some of the enjoyable places in Bristol that the disabled can visit hassle-free, lookout for how to access the destinations.

Bristol Cathedral

This monastery cathedral dates way back to the 12th century and is open for visitors every weekday from 8 am to 5 pm. You can access the church through the front door on a wheelchair.

Bristol Cathedral has ramp access, toilets for the disabled, and hearing loops. You can park your car on the on-street by presenting a disabled parking badge.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

This museum displays historical artifacts, geology, wildlife, and other art. Exhibitions are held annually at a cost. You can access most of the museum’s areas using a lift except for the Sea Dragons.

The museum has one toilet you can access on a wheelchair. You can also hire some wheelchairs on the site. Caregivers and guide dogs are allowed on the site.

Parking is available if you have the blue badge. Note that you can only visit the art section on Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

SS Great Britain

If history marvels you, then make a stopover at SS Great Britain. The site is full of eventful areas; discover the evolution of ship transportation.

You can also take a tour by descending under the water in the greatest ocean ‘liner. The site has accessible toilets, assistance facilities for guide dogs, and comfortable seats for the disabled.

The Beerd Restaurant

The Colston Hall-based restaurant is accessible via a ramp through the inside and is level-accessible. Both floors have accessible toilets. There’s room for assistance dogs –the staff can take care of them if need be. You can opt for on-street parking (nearby) for two hours free of charge.

Disabled friendly transport options

You don’t have to be troubled by how to get to these locations. Some of the viable options are:

Via train

There are several trains you can use conveniently. One of these options is the Temple meads train station; it’s wheelchair–friendly and accessible via lifts. You can ask for assistance and guidance if need be. It will be best to book the train 24 hours earlier.

Local bus services

Most of the local bus services have a ramp or a step you can lower for convenient access. Besides, wheelchair users have a designated area for the disabled. You can ask for assistance from the driver.

Local taxi services

You can opt for disabled-friendly taxi services to get to your destination. Most of the taxis are spacious and have secure ramps for anyone with mobility challenges. There are local taxi companies such as A Taxis of Bristol that specialise in wheelchair friendly taxis in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Flight services

You might require flight services if you are visiting a hotel. Check Bristol airport for budget-friendly service.