The Importance Of Remapping The Vehicle


Are you curious to know how you can increase the performance of the vehicle in terms of speed and mileage?

 After the vehicle has reached certain kilometers, the engine requires specific improvements to be done by DTA (Diesel Tune Australia), so that the car could retain its capabilities. To know what exactly what is remapping? Continue reading the article.

What is remapping?

Remapping is a procedure of modifying your motor’s PC, which is also called an engine control unit (ECU). The ECU is modified to oversee capacities, for example, the fuel injection, sensors, airflow, and so forth.

 By changing or overwriting this program with new programming, the capacities can be modified, and the overall performance of your vehicle can be improved.

Advantages of remapping

  • Vehicle makers are known to program their models’ ECUs with the goal that they are not performing at top productivity.
  • This permits DTA (Diesel Tune Australia) to discharge a sportier model with an increasingly proficient motor by just reinventing the ECU and making little tweaks. 
  • Remapping your vehicle implies you can capitalize on your motor – improving performance, fuel efficiency, and responsiveness. 
  • Improved motor execution is another method for saying more speed and more power. The expansion in the drive you’ll get from remapping relies upon what kind of motor you have.
  • For instance, you could get an expansion of as much as 40-50bhp (brake pull) for a turbo engine. It might be lower in different engines. Numerous remapping services additionally bring an expansion in torque of up to 80nm (Newton-meters). As it were, it’ll feel quicker! 
  • As to improved efficiency of fuel, this indeed relies upon how you drive your vehicle. Racing through gears, unexpected and quick acceleration, speeding, and abrupt braking can negatively affect your mileage, expanding utilization up to 40%. 
  • While this is genuine, whether you remap your motor or not, the mix of remapping and smooth driving will offer excellent fuel efficiency over great driving all alone.

How to know that the car has been remapped?

If you want to check the car has been remapped or not, you can do by checking the manual and compare the acceleration and performance of your vehicle.

If you think that ECU could be altered, you should take it to remapping service or garage where the experts can review the software.

How is remapping different from chipping?

Chipping and remapping are the two different methods for improving the performance and efficiency of the car. Remapping changes the software unit while chipping involves replacing the main computer chip with a new programmed one. 


The remapping process will help your car to regain its efficiency and boost performance. Knowing about remapping is essential for car owners, as it helps to control the engine.