Tips for Beginner Mudders


Off-roading and mudding are popular pastimes for those that own big trucks or Jeeps. For those that are new to the sport, it can be hard to know what to do with the types of mud you are trying to navigate. Whether its a muddy clay or a molten mud, not knowing how to handle your vehicle could have you calling up a shop for used Dodge truck parts and making some repairs over the next weekend. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your adventure.

It’s All About Traction

The type of mud that you are riding in sets the tone for the mudding experience. The more you drive in mud, the better you will get to know the dynamics of your vehicle. When you combine this knowledge with the right tires, you will have the traction and power to master different mudding locations. The tires should have extra-large lugs and deep wide spaces between them. This will reduce the mud that gets stuck in your tires while providing a good grip when crawling rocks or up hills.

Learn About 4×4 Traction

A general understanding of the 4×4 traction control system on your vehicle will make mudding a whole lot easier. The traction control talks to the on-board computer system of your truck or Jeep and keeps track of how fast your wheels are spinning. These speeds are important since tire rotation numbers impact key functions like automatic brakes. Traction keeps you moving forward no matter what kind of mud you are bogging through.

Find Your Speed

Mudding is designed to be fun, but to avoid problems, you need to find a balance between a slow to moderately-slow speed. If you try and drive too fast, you could miss seeing dangerous rocks, tree stumps, or deep potholes. However, driving too slow puts at a greater risk of sinking into the mud.

These three tips can help you stay safe while having fun out in a muddy field. Mudding is a fun sport, provided you know what you are doing.