Understanding the Impact of Uber Accident Injuries in Los Angeles


According to Safe Roads USA, the frequency of car accidents in the city of Los Angeles is on the rise and has been doing that steadily year to year. What’s worse is that the city has been identified as the deadliest city in the United States for traffic deaths. In fact, studies show that a car accident resulting in a fatality happens every 40 hours in this city.

There may be several reasons why this is so, ranging from driver recklessness or negligence, to the poor conditions of the city’s roads. Accidents can happen to both public transport or private cars, and even to rideshare and Uber vehicles. Now that more and more commuters are opting to book private or shared vehicles through Uber or other rideshare apps, more vehicles are added to the already busy roads. More vehicles mean more chances of car accidents.

What’s worse however, is when these accidents result in physical injuries to the driver, the passengers or to an unlucky bystander who got hit by the wayward rideshare vehicle. Whatever the reason of the car accident may be that resulted in you getting injured, as long as you are not at fault, you can make for a compensation claim from the liable parties. And that’s where it gets complicated as determining liable parties that caused Uber accident injuries can really be tricky. This task is best handled by a Los Angeles Uber accident lawyer

Uber accident injuries differ in severity as well, from minor burns and bruises, to broken bones or serious injuries to the neck and back. The severity of the injuries is also taken into consideration by a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer in determining the amount of compensation you are entitled to. On top of that, other expenses or income losses because of the injuries are also taken into careful consideration.