What are the Best Wheelchair Vehicles?


If you want to buy new wheelchair vans, let us see here the best wheelchair accessible vehicles for your particular needs:

AMS Wheelchair Minivan

  • Advantages:

You are going to see that wheelchair minivan consists of a great gas mileage, interior space, an extended ramp of 4”, easy for parking, indoor storage for wheelchair, easy, transfer out/in of the seat of the driver for wheelchair if the disabled person is driving, fast out/in for wheelchair passengers for the ramp, and much more. One can walk easily inside the vehicle without disturbing others. Doors can slide open and closed.

  • Disadvantage:

People who are using extra-tall wheelchairs of around more than 57” or extra-wide wheelchairs extra-wide, i.e., more than 30”, can’t use the vehicle.

Mobility Cars

  • Advantages

Mobility cars are great looking, and also, they have better mileage compared to accessible minivans. The parking process is simple, and if you only use hand controls, you can even go for sports cars.

  • Disadvantages

The back seats get often occupied because of the wheelchair, and there is no chance that you can roll in as well as stay in the chair.


  • Advantages

The SUV is nice for its interior space as well as style. If you are living in a place where it snows frequently, this vehicle is great for off-road driving over the snow, and it has 4-wheel drive.

  • Disadvantages

Mileage is not as great. The device to transfer to the driver’s seat is expensive, and mostly even ramps are not available to exit or enter the vehicle.


  • Advantages

This vehicle is designed keeping in mind wheelchair-accessibility, and it has just one warranty for the base vehicle, as well as for only the modifications, and there are plenty of bells and whistles for the wheel-chair accessibility.


The price difference is almost by thousands, and mileage is lesser.

Wheelchair Motorcycle

  • Advantages

You can drive the motorcycle from your wheelchair, and in/out of the bike is easy.

  • Disadvantage

You are exposed to good and adverse weather conditions. Difficult to turn, no place for passengers, and there’s no space for storage. Bad for accidents.