What Does Regular Car Servicing Include?


As a car user and still better, a car owner, you must have the required knowledge about the maintenance and servicing of your car. if you are a new car owner, you must have heard the phrase regular car servicing several times. But there are people who still have some gaps of information on regular car servicing, more precisely, what do they actually include. The topic is important because not all repair and servicing fall under the category of regular car servicing. The knowledge is important because it also involves several factors, like warranty and insurance coverage, servicing coupons, and so on, says an experienced mechanic of the Spokane service center.

He further explained that not all servicing centers or repair garages offer the same servicing and maintenance jobs. So, even for finding out the right place to undergo the regular car servicing, one has to have some solid knowledge and information on this.

He said, all those servicing that are done on every car by default and are suggested by the manufacturer at a certain time interval, they are mostly part of regular servicing. So here are the major servicing components that we are listing down that need to be performed on every vehicle following a certain interval without fail.

Replacement of Engine Oil

Cars manufactured earlier than 2008 are advised to get the engine oil changed in every three months or after crossing every 3,000 miles. However, according to most certified mechanics, vehicles that are released after 2008 can get six months of time between two oil changes or after the purchase. For distance it is after crossing every 5,000-7,000 miles that these cars will need the engine oil to be replaced by new. The reason is simple.

The engine compartment of a car needs smooth flow of lubrication to create a barrier of protection between the parts so that they don’t rub against each other and get overheated. After crossing the above mentioned time or mileage it is observed that the engine oil tends to get contaminated by dust and debris. If neglected, this accumulation of dust and debris can even create a blockage in the engine system and stop it from working.

Replacement of Engine Air Filter

The next thing in the list that needs to be changed at least once in every three years is the engine air filter. In case of mileage it is after crossing every 15,000 and 30,000 miles, depending upon your car make and manufacturer’s recommendation. The engine air filters are required to be changed after certain intervals so that the engine oil stays protected in the first level from the exposure to dust and debris. So, it is always recommended that when it is time to change the engine oil, do change the air filter as well.

Level and Condition of Engine Coolant

Your car engine can stay healthy only when its temperature is moderated while driving long distances. The component that performs this task is the engine coolant, which is a liquid that has to be filled to a level to cool down the engine and prevent the engine from overheating. In regular servicing, this part is also looked after and topped up, if the quantity goes down below the recommended level, said the Spokane service center staff members.