What is a Driver CPC?


Driver CPC refers to the Driver’s Certificate of Professional Competence. It is a training and development protocol adopted by the European Union to increase safety, professionalism, and standard of driving among professional as well as personal drivers. While new drivers are subjected to an initial Driver CPC examination to meet the standards and continue driving, the existing ones are expected to go through the first stage of the program to get the CPC Card. Both require to attend and complete their periodic Driver CPC Training Course to keep renewing their Driver CPC qualification. 

The Process

The qualification is checked by various attributes and parts. For the personal use of driving, one needs to pass just the first and the third tests, while for public vehicles and commercial purposes, one will need to pass all of the tests mentioned below. 

  1. Theory Test is conducted that scrutinizes one’s hazard perceptions and contains multiple-choice questions based on basic driving regulations. It costs around £40.
  2. Case Studies are provided, and the analogies are carefully checked to understand one’s personality as well as their psychological state. It costs around £24.
  3. A Practical Driving Test is conducted to check the professionalism and expertise one has with their hands on the steering. This, along with vocational license acquisition, cost around £115.
  4. The last step includes a Driver CPC Practical Test, where vehicle Safety Demonstrations are provided and questioned and costs £55 on weekdays and £63 on evenings and weekends. 

After the whole procedure, the Driver CPC Certificate and the Qualification Card (DQC) is sent to the personnel. This is why one should not fiddle while entering the personal details as the delivery is done on the submitted address only. After receiving the card, one can drive around legally. It is unlawful to drive professionally without this card, and defaulters are heavily penalized.