What makes the 2023 Chevrolet Express Valuable Commercial Transport?


Chevrolet Express is ruling the commercial vehicle depart as it has affordable pricing and offers practicality and functionality at its best. This is why most people prefer to purchase a Chevy Express van for their commercial activities.

Visit Glenwood Chevrolet dealer to get a look at this van and its prowess on the road. Still, if you are not sure and wondering what makes it a valuable commercial transport then check out the reasons stated below.

What makes this van a valuable commercial transport?

Pricing, spaciousness, and overall great performance are the reasons for it being a valuable commercial transport.


This van is available in four different variables. The cargo van comes in 2500 and 3500 series which are priced at $39,895 and $42,995 respectively. The passenger hauling van 2500 costs $44,095 and 3500 trims cost $45,295.

It will completely depend on an individual which is more suited for his/her work. A person will have to get a passenger van if he requires hauling passengers regularly; however, if one requires hauling cargo daily, then either of the cargo series will do the job. Hence, opt for the one that will fulfill your commercial van requirements.

Spacious cabin

Whether opting for a cargo or passenger van, Chevy’s Express offer ample space. This van comes with the best spaciousness in this category. It can sit 15 passengers quite comfortably. The overall length of this vehicle is 224-244 inches and its overall width is 79.2 inches.

The cargo version comes without any seating arrangement and thus, offers a much-needed space for storing items. To understand and check out the exact space available for commercial activities, one should visit Glenwood Chevrolet dealership.

Great performance

This van offers amazing performance, thanks to its powertrain. The standard option is a V6 4.3L engine that delivers 276 horses and a torque of 298 pound-feet. It is combined with an automatic 8-speed transmission.

However, people can get a more powerful option by choosing V8 6.6L engine; it produces 401 horses and a torque of 464 pound-feet. In addition, it is paired with an automatic 6-speed transmission for an ideal gear-changing aspect.

Each powertrain is competent enough to create a power that is needed for everyday activities. Be it hauling passengers or cargo items, this is an excellent performing truck that you can purchase in recent times.

Other features

Wi-Fi hotspot, satellite Sirius XM radio, 6.5-inch display, and navigation are some of the features that this van offers. Also, opting for certain packages like the Communication pack will enable this van to provide Bluetooth connectivity, and more. Also, there are several driver assistance features available for this vehicle; these consist of blind-spot monitor, forward collision alert, lane-departure warning, etc.

In short, this is an amazing commercial van that most people should choose to get. It has the capability of fulfilling every requirement that an individual looking o get a commercial van has. All there is to do is visit a Chevy dealership nearby and check out this and take a test drive to know its handling.

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