When to select an SUV all-weather tyre for your vehicle


With tyre selection not being an easy task, you will need to know a bit about tyres. They tyre selection has a big impact on the safety of your vehicle and if you have selected an SUV due to it being a very safe vehicle, I am sure that you want to keep the good safety properties. Buying the wrong tyres can make your SUV more dangerous than intended, as you would be more prone to accidents. To keep it as safe as intended you will need to equip it with the right tyres for the weather conditions and make sure that the tyres are of high quality.

If you live in an area that will not have the harshest winters and not the longest summers, then your best bet might be a set of SUV all-weather tyres. It saves you some hassle from changing between summer and winter tyres. This can actually be a safer option for people who often get caught with summer tyres in winter conditions, either by changing to winter tyres too late or then changing to summer tyres too early. Both can result in the same situation, where you can end up with summer tyres in winter conditions where it is very dangerous to drive. 

Since you are not changing between summer and winter tyres you have to remember that you still have to rotate the tyres if there are some differences in the wear between the rear and the front tyres. If you notice a difference of some 2-3 mm, then you should rotate the tyres, so that you get more even wear among the tyres and can purchase a full set of tyres once the tyres reach the 4mm tread depth. 

The main advantage is that you are always ready to drive regardless of weather, this is if the tyres are approved for winter conditions and have the snowflake (3PMSF) symbol on the sidewall of the tyre. If you are going to go for an all-weather tyre, I think they should be approved for winter conditions. If you tyres have this symbol, then you can drive safely during winter conditions and can use the tyres all year round

If you have to change between SUV winter and SUV summer tyres, you always run into the risk of changing too early, so that you have reoccurring winter weather once you have already changed to summer tyres. Since it is not safe to drive with summer tyres in winter weather, you have the dilemma on what to do. If you rely on your vehicle on a daily basis you will be left without a car during these days. Some people might even try to still drive, not knowing how dangerous it is. This is one of the key advantages with the all-weather tyre, that you are always safe while driving and no weather can stop you from driving or making it less safe.


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