When to Tow Your Car Instead of Driving


If you are in a situation where you know something is wrong with your car, but you are not sure what, you should get it checked out by a professional. However, depending on the problem, is the car safe to drive to the mechanic? Whether it is around the block or several miles away, driving a car with certain problems can have disastrous consequences for both you and the car. You can hire a towing service to take your car for you, but when is it necessary to do so?

When It’s Safe

When the problem with your car is with something nonessential, like the windows or air conditioning, it should be safe to drive to your mechanic. Any problem that doesn’t impact your driving should be safe. Driving for routine maintenance, like an oil change, is also fine.

Warning Signs to Look For

However, there are many situations where you do not want to drive your vehicle. If the problem interferes with your driving, you will want to call a winch towing tucker GA service. For example, if your windshield is broken and you cannot see out of it, you will need to tow your car. There are also warning signs to look for to see if the car is dangerous to drive. Any smoke coming from the tailpipe or engine is a warning sign and you should tow your car.

Use All Five Senses

Before and during driving, use all five senses to discover any warning signs. Look for smoke coming from your car. If you smell anything funny, whether it is fuel or another fluid, be cautious before driving. If your car makes strange sounds, like knocking or screeching noises, this can indicate a serious problem. If your brakes ever make a grinding sound, stop and call a tow truck immediately.