Which Oil Is Best For Your Engine?


Choosing the best oils for engine performance and maintenance is not as easy as it seems. Some people may be under the impression that all types of oils are good for their engines, and that they are not to be confused with other types. But this is not true. There are certain oils which best suit a particular type of engine and then there are the best oils for general purpose.

It is important to understand what type of engine you have before selecting the type of oil to use. The main categories are gasoline (gasoline) lubrication oils, synthetic (petrol) lubricants and conventional (petrol) oils. In general, the best oils for general purpose are those which are synthetic because they tend to last longer, as they do not contain any petroleum by-products such as methylated vegetable oil. Synthetic oils also tend to perform better in extreme weather conditions than their counterparts, making them excellent for use in racing cars.

When selecting the best oils for engine performance, the first thing you need to check is the oil filter. The filter is an integral part of the oil system and hence its replacement should be done only by qualified professionals. It should be made of quality material and properly cleaned and maintained so as to ensure that no blockages develop in the system. There are three main designs of the filter:

Dual-engesher: These are the more expensive type of filters, as they use dual-engesher design. These oils can improve the performance of the engine tremendously and help prolong the lifespan of the engine. They perform based upon the temperature of the engine. Higher engine temperatures result in better lubrication. The most popular dual-engesher oils are produced by Shell and Motec.

Cast-in-cast: These are the cheapest type of filters available on the market. They perform the same way as a conventional type of oil. However, they do not get absorbed into the engine’s oil substance. The amount of contaminants remaining in the engine is lower than that of conventional types. The most popular cast-in-cast oils produced by Shell and Continental are Flex Fuel compatible.

Synthetic: All the best oils for engine function are synthetic in nature. These are specially designed to meet the exact specifications and demands of vehicles. They feature premium quality oils that improve the performance of the engine on a regular basis.

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