Your Next Road Trip Checklist


There’s never a bad time when it comes to a road trip. From summer lake hopping to winter ski resort destinations, there is no wrong time to hit the road in search of a little R & R. If you are ready to plan your next road trip this checklist will keep you on track. Here are three must-do items you should pay attention to before you hit the pavement.

Car Concerns

Be proactive and check your car out well in advance of your road trip. Is your license and registration up to date? Do you have an extra set of keys? How is the car running? Before you leave town, take your vehicle to the nearest car repair mountlake terrace wa shop an have the crew there give it a thorough inspection. They can check your fluids and make sure your spare is in good shape. If they do find any issues, they can make the necessary repairs so you can experience a worry-free drive.

Keep Fueled

Think about what you and your friends or family might need while you are on the road. Pack a water bottle with extra waters in the back so you can stay hydrated. If you’re traveling with little ones, plan ahead for how you are planning to feed them. Do you need a way to make them a bottle? Do you need to pack some baby food? Don’t rely on gas station stops for food and drink; you never know when you might get stuck somewhere without resources nearby. It pays to be prepared for unplanned stops and delays.

Think Comfort

Long drives can be a great way to see new places and appreciate the gorgeous world we live in but it can also get pretty uncomfortable if you haven’t planned ahead. Pack blankets and pillows so your passengers can relax and even nod off during the drive. Plan your wardrobe appropriately and pick clothing that is loose and non-restrictive.

With a little pre-planning, you can get the most out of your road trip and avoid unforeseen inconveniences.