4 Tips for Staying Safe at Sea With Car Boat


When you venture out to sea in your boat, one issue you never want to face is an unsafe situation. By following these simple tips, you can reduce your chances of encountering mechanical problems or physical danger.

  1. Wear Protective Gear

Life jackets are an essential item for any passenger in a boat. Before setting off,  check to make sure each jacket is the proper size. Even if people are good swimmers, it is still important to remind everyone with you to keep their gear on for the full duration of the journey.

  1. Keep Your Boat Running

Maintaining your engine is one way to prevent deadly crashes and mishaps. Some ways to do this is to purchase discount boat parts and to visit a marine mechanic if you notice any problems. This is especially important in the winter and fall months, since many boats require extra care when not actively in use.

  1. Prepare for Setting Sail

Before leaving the dock, double-check for first aid bandages and other supplies, such as food or drinks. Extra clothing and sunscreen are also important items to store on board.

Write down a list of items, along with a plan for where you want to travel while on the water. This schedule, called a float plan, can help others determine if you have gone missing or not and where to look first in the event you do not return on time.

  1. Avoid Risky Actions

Although it may seem tempting to continue on your journey during stormy weather or through rough waters, it is important to know when to turn back. Never operate a boat under the influence of alcohol, and be sure to notice any storm clouds that approach or other signs of an incoming storm.

Sometimes, low temperatures and intense wind can throw you off course and potentially harm your passengers. Staying alert while on your boat can help you avoid dangerous situations before they start.