Carrying Your Share of the Load: Commercial Truck Safe-Driver Tips


Driving a commercial semi-truck requires skill and training. New drivers need to learn the ropes quickly. Though with experience, drivers may find themselves growing comfortable operating a large rig, they do not want to become too comfortable; then, they may find safety safeguards that keep them and others on the road safe are too easily overlooked. New commercial truck operators, as well as seasoned ones, need to drive home these safe driving tips for safe-road travels.

Control Your Speeds

Truckers feel confident driving fast to meet deadlines when they have support from law teams, such as TVC Pro Driver memberships. Even so, new drivers should avoid driving too fast. The truck may feel manageable under normal driving conditions. When you have to make an emergency maneuver, however, you will discover how challenging the mass can be to control.

Dismiss Distractions

Driving while texting or staring at a smartphone screen can lead to serious consequences. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cites texting as the cause of 23,000 driving fatalities over a recent seven-year span. You just do not have a margin of safety when you look down for even a few seconds while driving a fast-moving large vehicle.

Pay Attention to Vehicle Dimensions

Recognize that your truck requires a much greater stopping distance than cars on the road. As a consequence, you should avoid tailgating. Also, your trailer’s size creates extensive blind spots. Consider installing blind-spot monitoring; at the very least, use your mirrors religiously since cars may not have time to move out of your way if you suddenly switch lanes.

Commercial trucks are iconic fixtures on highways in every region. If you drive a tractor-trailer as part of this network, you can play a part in keeping the roads secure while getting your goods delivered when practicing safe driving every mile of the way.