Different tyre sizes for different vehicles


There is a whole range of tyres at the tyre shop when you go there to buy new tyres. You have wide range of different sizes to cater for all different vehicles. Some small tyres and some very large tyres and then you have tyres for different seasons and for sporty cars, for off-road vehicles and even tyres recommended for electric vehicles. It is not always easy to know all the information to optimize your tyre choice, so that you have the best tyres to complement your vehicle for safe driving.

Getting the size correct is not the only challenge, you also need to get the tyres that are optimal for your vehicle. This way you can get the best performance combined with the best safety. The tyre size of dimension is easy as you can check what is recommended for your vehicle or then you check the dimension of your current tyres. Once you have that nailed down, you will need to figure out if there is something with your vehicle that would require some special tyres. This can be that you have an electric car and you will need tyres that are recommended for electric vehicles by having a more wear resistant rubber compound and also have lower rolling resistance. It can also be that you want to have aramid-reinforced sidewalls for better puncture resistance, or you want to drive off-road.

You will also need to match the tyres to the weather where you will drive. The tyre selection will depend on where you live and for what season you will need them for. You have different tyres for different weather conditions. Some tyres are made only for summer weather or warm weather and others only for cold temperatures and winter conditions. This is why you have summer and winter tyres and why you are changing between these tyres. It is a bit the same that you use different cloths and shoes depending on the season. You will need to make sure that you use the tyres that gives you the best performance and safety when you drive in these conditions.

Once you have the dimension correct and have decided that you will need winter tyres, you might need 225/65R17 winter tyres for a passenger car or 265/70R16 winter tyres for an SUV, then you will need to decide if you want the tyres to be studded or non-studded or you might even want to choose all-weather tyres for better all-round usage. You have better performance if you use tyres that are dedicated for one season, but that is based on that you live in an area that has very specific seasons. If you live in areas that doesn’t always have winters, but it can happen now and then that you will have a snowstorm and you need to drive your vehicle and that you want to be safe. Then the all-weather tyres are your best choice for combination of flexibility, safety and convenience for these areas.

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