Outfitting the Perfect Waterside Escape When Using A Vehicle


It does not get much better than being on the water. Tranquil waters, a slower pace of life, and killer views make the ordinary days extraordinary. If you are lucky enough to have a waterside slice of paradise on a lake, ocean, or body of water, take simple steps to transform your area into a livable, enjoyable space for both you and guests.

Ready to Entertain

Turn your water retreat into an entraining zone for friends, family, and neighbors. Consider investing in comfortable yet durable outdoor patio furniture for your dock. Foldable lounge chairs are great for reading or sunbathing, plus they easily can be stored away if you need more deck space for dining or dancing. Invest in a high-quality Bluetooth speaker system, lighting, and slip-proof decking to ensure guests can have fun safely. If you have a larger dock or patio overlooking the water consider investing in a fridge or built-in cooler for easy drink storage.

Water Sports

Amp up the fun by investing in water games, boards, and sporting equipment. If you enjoy water-based exercise considering adding paddleboards, canoes, and kayaks to your dock or water area. For thrill-seekers, consider boat lifts south florida to house your speedboats, pontoons, and other high-energy water thrills.


Just because you and your crew may be on a thin stretch of dock above the water does not mean you cannot have fun. If you have children, consider finding some fun floatable rafts, water toys, and interactive water games that can be enjoyed with children and adults of all ages. Increase the competition by creating your own water-based obstacle course or boys versus girls challenge games to keep the fun going.


Lakeside, waterside, oceanside—no matter your location, all docks and patios near the water can be transformed into an entertaining hot spot for all to enjoy.