Motorcycle Riding Jackets Important Features and Functions


The important features that part the ultimate motorcycle jackets and regular ones. Durability, versatility, and affordability are the features we look for. Regardless of the type of riding, you would be doing every motorcycle jacket should have these features. The following are the important features of a good motorcycle riding jacket without any preference or priority order.

Why do you need a jacket?

Motorcycle jackets are made so you can ride safely and comfortably. Safety is the most important but often overlooked feature of motorcycle jackets. Motorcycle jackets give protection against weather, sun, bugs and dirt, abrasions and serious injuries in case of a crash. Don’t ride without a protective motorcycle jacket and keep yourself safe.

Features to look for

What are the key features that you should look for in a motorcycle jacket? How can one identify a good motorcycle jacket? These questions come in mind when you think of buying a motorcycle jacket. Now you don’t have to worry or look any. Today we will tell you what features you should see to identify a good and worthy jacket. Let’s begin!


Outer fabric of the jacket is what will save you from abrasions, wind, and weather. So, make sure the fabric you are choosing is strong enough to do so. Leather is better at abrasion resistance but textile is not bad either. The quality and type of leather you are choosing greatly matters. Keep your focus on the quality of material and jacket. Leather is a traditional choice but other materials alike textiles etc. are tough and lightweight as well. Jackets with breathable membrane allow moisture on the inside to escape so you can ride comfortably. Some motorcycle jackets are suitable for two or all seasons which is good if you live in a tropical country.


Jackets with Europe Certification are better at protecting your joints and body from the impact. Shoulders, elbows, chest, and back are the areas where you would find the armor. Jackets with removable armor are preferred because you can replace the armor when needed. Impact protector equipped jackets do not guarantee complete safety from injuries. But they reduce it to a certain level making injuries less severe acting like a protective layer of skin.


Motorcycle jackets with high visibility lining, patches, or areas improve rider’s perceptibility at night and low light conditions. If your jacket does not have that, you can put reflective tape or stripes on it or wear a Hi-Viz vest over your jacket while riding. This will prevent the chances of the accident making other drivers aware of your presence. You should also use reflective tape and lads on your bike for night visibility.

A highly visible colored motorcycle jacket, trousers, and the helmet is another step you can take towards safety. Both textile and leather jackets have high visibility panels. Modern-day jackets are designed in such a way that during the day time reflective lining or patches present a fashionable jacket while at night they reflect the headlight from other vehicles.

Storage options

The abundance of internal and external pockets is always worth, even if you don’t use all of them. They make it easy for you to carry all the stuff you need and give easy quick access to it. Usually, leather jackets don’t have many pockets compared to textile jackets.

Storm flaps

A jacket without a storm or air flap lets the air slide through the zipper which could make you uncomfortable. A storm flap over the main zipper stops air from blowing through. I personally prefer an external flap because they are better at preventing the cold air from getting in. But an internal flap is also good.

Zip-out liner

A motorcycle jacket with a removable zip-out liner can make it suitable for more than one season. A full sleeve internal fur liner is best to keep you warm and comfy during winter rides. Motorcycle jackets with full sleeve fur liner are hard to find though.

Ventilation vents

During hot season jackets with ventilated jackets make the riding experience more pleasant and comfortable. Chest and back vents are good enough for proper airflow but armpit vents take it to the next level. I would recommend zippered vents because they are easy to operate.


Adjustable sleeves and collar help make the jacket suitable and keep the air out. The adjustable waist is an added feature, that most jackets don’t have, for a more comfortable fit. Hook and loop, Velcro, zippers, and snap buttons are a few options. Don’t choose Velcro closure for the neck because it catches on to the helmet strap and can cause skin itching.

While buying the riding jacket make sure it fits perfectly, armor is located on shoulders, and the fitting is snug.