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To be eligible for the conversion premium, both the vehicle to be acquired and the vehicle to be destroyed must meet certain conditions. The vehicle to be purchased must be less polluting for example, a new electric car or a plug-in hybrid vehicle. For the diesel or petrol vehicle to be demolished, it must belong to the person receiving the premium and be under a valid insurance contract. In addition, the car must have been acquired at least one year before the premium application and must not be pledged. It should be noted that the amount of the premium can range from 1,000 to 2,500 euros depending on the case.

The Requirements

Thus, sending an ELV car to the scrap yard only has advantages including the contribution to environmental protection and the gain of a conversion premium. Note that to this bonus can be added the ecological bonus which can reach up to 27% of the price of the new ecological vehicle acquired. With the scrap unwanted car removal maddington this is important now.


The car you traveled for more than ten years is no longer reliable. Here the rapids have rotted, half of the bottom has not been around for a couple of years, the engine hit – no matter how sad it sounds, the moment has come for parting. There is a choice where to put it, because in the market it costs a penny, and who will buy it in this condition. A car recycling program will come to the rescue, and the owner will be issued with the appropriate certificate for the purchase of a new “iron horse”.

What you need to know about the recycling program

Why was the program introduced?

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Why was the car recycling program introduced?

For the first time in Russia, the project was implemented in 2010 and was extended every year. Car recycling is aimed at achieving several goals at once. The first goal is to increase road safety, because it is very unsafe to drive with old cars. The second is to stimulate the domestic auto industry market and support the domestic manufacturer. The third is to improve the environmental situation in the country, firstly, old cars do more damage to the air than new ones, and secondly, you need to put an old car somewhere, rather than drive it to a landfill.

The essence of the project is that a car owner who has a car older than 10 years after receiving it for recycling receives a special certificate in the amount of 50,000-350,000 dollars.