Tips for Getting the Most From Your Pickup Truck


Getting a new truck, or new-to-you pickup opens a world of possibilities for work and play. Your truck can haul equipment from one job site to another or it can carry your vacation home to a favorite campsite, so replacing it every couple of years can slow you down and cramp your style. Some owners get decades of hard work from their trucks by practicing these two tips: repair first and keep up with routine maintenance.

Repair, Not Replace

Just about anything on your truck can be repaired so you do not have to replace the vehicle. You can even find used pickup truck bodies for sale online or at a local junkyard to replace a bed or other hard-to-find piece. Investing in quality tools and detailed repair manuals can lower the cost of these repairs, allowing you to do them yourself instead of paying for labor. Newer vehicles are not necessarily better and can be more expensive to repair or break down more often than your tried and true pickup, so you can be saving money in the long run by fixing up what you have.

Routine Maintenance

Not only will routine maintenance like regular oil changes keep your truck running better for longer, keeping a record of these tasks can help you get a higher price when you do decide to sell or trade-in your truck. Regular vehicle washing, inside and out, is also important because the buildup of grime and road chemicals can eat away at important parts. Many used vehicle and parts vendors advertise sourcing products from warmer and dryer areas because roads without ice in the winter do not have salt applied to them.

Your pickup truck does so much for you and deserves a little loving care through routine maintenance and needed repairs before you trade it in for a newer model. This can give you decades of hard work from your vehicle and even improve your sale or trade-in value.


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Infographic provided by Chrysler Factory Warranty, a Mopar extended warranty provider