VIN- Revealing All Information about Vehicle


If anyone wants to buy a used vehicle, they must first investigate the history of the car, which can be done through their VIN, to prove that the vehicle was legally offered for sale.

Unfortunately, many vehicles offered for sale are of unknown origin, so it is essential to verify the origin of the car using its VIN.

All cars are given a VIN when assembled, which is a great way to check the car’s history and avoid an invalid and failed purchase.


What is the VIN number?

According to the explanation from, a car’s VIN number is the serial number found on a license plate inside the vehicle. Usually, these plates are placed on the car chassis, but the VIN number can also be placed on other vehicle parts.

Through the VIN, it is possible to know the history of the vehicle, which is very important when you want to buy a used car because knowing the origin of the car can avoid dealing with scammers selling stolen vehicles.

This can be done thanks to a rigorous control system, based on a register of all the cars that are produced, disposed of, sold, and purchased in the country that adopts this system.

This register is managed by the Civil Motorization or the General Department of Motorization. It organizes its database with this unique serial number, engraved on all the chassis of all the cars in the country and other parts of the vehicle.

The VIN or Vehicle Identification Number constitutes critical information because it is the number that helps prevent scams or the purchase of stolen vehicles. This identifier can be checked through the system of the MC, and you can then know where the car is coming from.

This number can also be checked from a mobile application, so it is very easy and fast to know the origin of the car you want to buy.

What else can you know from a car’s chassis number?

It is possible to know not only the origin of a car but also relevant information about it, such as the following aspects:

  • The details of the engine.
  • If the car still has some or all of the original parts.
  • If the car has no other serious damage.
  • The mileage traveled by car.

In addition to this, other very important information can be extracted from the Vehicle identification number. Anyone can decide whether to purchase such a vehicle or continue looking for other better options.

Although the VIN provides the complete history of the vehicle available, it is strongly advised to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle this way. You can see if the car has any hidden problems.